? TOKYO DOME CORPORATION|Mid-term management plan


Mid-term management plan

Tokyo Dome Group will optimally allocate management resources in anticipation of the expansion of the leisure business. We aim to be a company that continues to create value for the next 100 years.

Four business objectives

Increasing profitability

Final year project

op 13billion yen

Improving our financial structure

Final year project

debt 139billion yen

Efficiency of capital operations

Final year project

ROA 4% / ROE 6

Dividends that are linked to stable dividends and earnings

1 per share6yen + performance with alpha※1※2

note1: Dividend payout ratio of 30% of the portion exceeding the net income of 6 billion yen
note2: Change of dividend amount ( from 6 yen to 12 yen per share ) ※This proposal will be in the agenda of the Company's 106th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders to be held in April 2016

Eight management issues to be addressed

  1. Tokyo Dome City's business profit levels are maintained and expanded
  2. Research and developme nt of a new growth strategy and, outside Tokyo Dome City, business growth
  1. "Safety culture" penetration and retention
  2. Responding to the corporate governance code and the stewardship code
  3. Strengthening group management
  1. Responding to the shortage of manpower
  2. Support for guests from overseas and involvement in the Olympics and Paralympics
  3. Responding to changes in consumer behavior due to demographic changes